June 16th, 2009 by catur

Your love can not be forgotten
either your heartfelt and tender embrace
and loving memories can not be erased
Your loving words always ringing through my ears
and kept my heart telling me the beauty of love
My soul is traveling through your life and brings
me a pleasant journey as long you stay close to me
When you are clutched in my arms
then your love like a fountain flows from you

Call me, when you are alone
You know your voice will make my day
You know how much I feel for you
You know I want to send my hugs to you

I know your pain in your heart
Your life is something I care for it
The journey of life must be lead without fear
Sometime it ends as alone and nothing to worry

I am here with you everyday
and closer than you think
even when the rain wash me out
or the sun burns me out or the winds takes me away
As long as I am alive, my love for you will not die

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