June 18th, 2009 by catur
I thank Allah for giving me a sweet and loving papa
Today is your 36th birthday that means so much to me
Let thirty six candles glow on a cake of delight
That you blew them off to forget the past
Papa, you are special person to me in my life
and nothing will replace my papa in this world
Your loving nature brings me happiness into my heart
and you made me so proud with your lessons
I pray Allah for you to live many years papa
and my tight hugs and kisses on your cheeks
Happy birthday my ever loving papa
May Allah bless you papa always…
(with all my love…dea)

4 Responses to “Happy birthday Papa…”

  1. Makan2 nya kapan bos

  2. Hari senin, 22 Juni 2009, jam 11.00 di R. Sidang Utama
    Jangan sampai tidak datang.

  3. Brarti tgl 22 jurusan tidak perlu menyediakan snack…smua ditanggung mr catur……….sip2

  4. Selamat ulang tahun pak. Semoga panjang umur, enteng rejeki. Selalu diberi kesehatan dan dirahmati oleh Allow SWT. Amiin.

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