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One of the best things that teachers can do to ensure that their students succeed is to support them. Without support and encouragement, students can fail to see the value of education. Good teachers need to know how to encourage their students if they want them to succeed academically.

First, children at any stage in their academic career need praise if they are to stay motivated. Psychologically, people who are praised for what they are doing will continue to do what they are doing. So, if we take two examples, we can see how this works: a child who is constantly berated and criticized for what he is doing will feel frustrated, and not want to continue what he is doing if he is always being criticized for it; on the other hand, a child who is praised for doing good, yet constructively criticized for errors, will continue to do the good things to receive praise and correct his mistakes in order to receive further praise. Perhaps you have experienced this yourself, and you know well how encouragement affects one’s academic development.

Good teachers who encourage their students will do the following:

First, good teachers will know when to praise and what to praise. If teachers encourage the wrong things, then they will turn out bad students. We can compare this situation to a parent-child relationship. When a parent encourages the child even when the child is being bad, then the child will continue to be bad. So, in a teacher-student relationship, the teacher should follow the same protocol.

Second, the teacher will know how to praise and how to criticize constructively. Knowing how to praise is half the battle, since the teacher has to learn about child psychology, development, and how to deal with so-called “problem children.” Most of the time, teachers will have to attend seminars, meetings, or classes, while some teachers will learn by experience. Constructive criticism is another battle in itself. Knowing how to give criticism may take some time and practice. However, teachers can start learning by going to meetings or classes that teach how to give criticism positively.

A good teacher can mean many things to their students, but most of all, good teachers will try to help their students as much as they possibly can. That help includes the ability to encourage and support the children when needed, and knowing when to praise or give positive criticism when necessary.

Good teachers encourage class participation!

Everyone learns better through participation. It helps to embed things in our memory and creates sensations that will last long after the event. Just smelling and handles a rose, being pricked by it’s thorn will be remembered for much longer by a child than reading about it in a book. This is because more of the senses are involved, the senses of smell, touch and sight. The more senses we use, the better and longer we remember, and the faster we learn. The thorn won’t really hurt the child, but it will teach caution around beauty. Good teachers encourage class participation!

Please note this is encouraging class participation, not requiring it. It must also be the right type of participation, not just haphazard and disruptive. A good teacher will ask questions, ask for volunteers and then highlight successful students. This helps build self confidence amongst the students and shows that they are important to their education. Good teachers encourage class participation, but do control it!

By encouraging class participation, things may not be as tidy or sound as quiet as a class where the teacher just . The bulletin board may look a bit more disorganized, but a good teacher understands that learning and remembering is more important than just looks. There may be a bit more noise as a child answers a question, but there is a time for noise. Schools are for educating and teachers are for teaching, and the best way to teach is by encouraging class participation, any good teacher knows that!

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