October 24th, 2009 by catur

fb addict

I have always believed that social networking can cause more harm than good, especially when a loved one is affected by the other persons actions. I am unable to talk to my friends as they are all members of facebook and they tell me to stop being an idiot. Am I being and idiot about this? Or am I a normal person who feels that something is being taken away from him?

Why would people be addicted to facebook. I myself have a facebook but I am definitely not addicted. I actually find it kind of boring. I think its cool that people can keep in touch but why would anyone be on till two in the morning?

Technology in general can be addictive. Today is Facebook, yesterday was Myspace, future Twitter…
Get a life connect with family and friends in person! Balance your life.
Like B. Franklyn use to say:
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

A few months ago, I deactivated my account after a few months facebook obsession. Today, I looked up ‘Facebook addiction.’

Find out what’s missing from your life. Whether it’s having too much free time, not knowing anyone or just escaping, think about what made you resort to [Facebook], and what you could be doing instead.
Are personal relationships taking a backseat to Facebook? Do you think about Facebook even when you’re offline? Do you use Facebook to escape problems or homework? Do you stay on Facebook longer than intended? Have you ever concealed Facebook use?
If you answered yes to any, you might be a borderline addict.

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