December 8th, 2009 by catur

It is easier to become popular when using good communication skills. You can connect with other people but its somtimes hard just try not to be mean just because you want to be popular it wont work.

Steps :

  1. Create an objective. It is great to have friends. If becoming popular is your goal, you need to know how you will get to know that you are popular. Is it when all your colleagues come to know your name? Or will you consider yourself popular when passersby wave at you?
  2. Understand the methods of successful people. Once you have your objective clearly in your mind, proceed to check who is popular in that particular area and what they are doing. These people take steps that the not-so-popular guys are not taking. Example: My manager is known for his good communication with clients. How does he do that? He makes all his presentations very simple. He is ready with his suggestions and spends time understanding the client’s real needs. These are a few things that he does which most of the other managers do not do.
  3. Model a success path. As you begin to notice the things which successful people do, follow that. Do not imitate their path, but blend it into your own personality.
  4. Seek out feedback. Keep a tab on things that you do and how it affects yourself and other around you. If you are not comfortable doing something, try to do it in a different way. Ask for feedback from people you trust. One caution: get advice, but be your own judge
  5. Refrain from doing anything that makes you feel that you are manipulating someone.

Tips :

  1. Flexibility is the best way to becoming popular. Develop this quality.
  2. People are like mirrors. If you like yourself, other will like you too. So develop self worth.
  3. By being at ease with yourself, you make others at ease. It’s a reciprocal exchange.

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