May 25th, 2010 by catur

How do we encourage a small child who becomes frustrated while trying to learn something. Are we harsh and judging? No. We offer kind encouraging words. Maybe we give hugs. We give the highest praise for the smallest bits of progress and effort. We give unconditional kindness and love. We don’t judge them harshly. We give them a wide berth for landing their ship successfully.

When we do this, what do we see? Positive results.

As you work with your child, don’t expect immediate success. Remember that children cannot learn when they feel that they are stupid. They often do not even try because they have learned that failure makes them feel bad. If they don’t try to learn, they cannot fail. You need to overcome these feelings and set them up to succeed at something. It’s kind of like priming a siphon-once they get started, you will be able to encourage them to continue to learn, though it may be a very slow process.

The next step is to have the intention to be kind, patient, accepting, and compassionate toward everyone. Have the intention of being kind to yourself.

The more patience and kindness you give to others, the more you will give to yourself. When you can do that you will be empowered to reach your goals and live with happiness!

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