August 19th, 2011 by catur

I thank God for giving me a wonderful mother
She is the spirits of my life
Her charm of love is always there for me
Her lovingness and kindness can not be matched
I know how important of her presence at home
I never forget her difficult days that
she has gone through to bring me up
With all the struggle and pain she showed me
the right path to live in this world
I want to repay everything what ever I owe her
but I know there is nothing great enough to
repay the greatest mother on earth.
I only ask God to allow her to live long
because she is my wonderful mother.
I don’t know what I will do without her
She know how much she means to me
She gave me her love and
taught me the value of it
I learnt that love has no limit from her
and allow it to grow bigger and bigger in my heart
All, I know is that we should not be part
And her love for me is true.

di antara malam dan pagi aku terbangun
ku panjatkan sepenggal doa
Ijinkan aku bersujud di kakimu
memohon kau buka pintu maaf
atas sejuta khilaf
dan polah nakal masa kecilku.

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